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Energy Saving Water Heaters

If Groan, creak, rattle, hiss, clang!! Remembering the sounds of hot water heating systems of decades past can certainly bring back memories of cold, damp mornings.

Isn't everyone today looking for up-to-date energy-efficient home building materials and equipment? With the increasing cost of fuel and the continued growth of energy conservation, everyone, builders and homeowners alike, is looking for cost savings and efficiency in every nook and cranny. We all know about improvements in windows, doors, furnaces, flooring, siding and roofing.

But have you investigated hot water heating? More specifically, have you ventured to consider what is available on the market for central heating boilers? Most people, when they think of boilers, imagine the large steam boilers of yesteryear. Although it may sound unbelievable, today there are companies specializing in space saving, energy efficient, compact wall mounted boilers and hot water equipment. Some of these wall mounted boilers are no bigger than a kitchen cupboard, small and quiet enough to install in a bedroom closet.

The traditional heating and hot water systems override precious living space because of their requirements for a separate mechanical room and bulkhead space. The compact size of a wall mounted boiler will increase your living space. What a terrific investment for a building that is already space compromised.

If you are a developer considering construction of a multi unit building, think about installing a high-end wall mounted boiler. What a unique convenience to offer your purchaser the ability to pay only for heat they consume. Manufacturers of these products boast that your heating and hot water bills can be reduced to half of your current expense. Terrific selling features for individuals on fixed incomes or for individuals who only reside in the building 6 months of the year. Additional features of installing wall mounted boilers systems are the options to custom design and install radiant in-floor heating, heated towel racks or snowmelt applications. These upgrades increase efficiency and cost saving if they are installed during construction.

Originating mostly in European countries, these boiler systems are now emerging into the North American market. As energy costs continues to rise, the North American consumer and building contractor are becoming more knowledgeable and responsible about designing, constructing and purchasing energy efficient buildings with environmental consciousness.

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