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Hot Water Heating Systems

Hot water heating is the second largest energy hog in most California homes. By choosing the right equipment, locating it properly, and utilizing effective hot water re-cirulation systems when appropriate, substantial reductions in energy cost and hot water waste can be achieved.

We offer a range of innovative water heating products:

  • Tankless water heaters by Rinnai , Noritz , and Rheem have several distinct advantages. They are very efficient and only heat hot water as you use it with no stand-by losses. They are very compact, so they save space and can be located very close to your primary points of use which can help save time and water waiting for hot water to arrive after opening a tap.
  • Drain cleaning is a big part of our business. We feature remote camera inspection of drain systems that prevents unnecessary excavation and property damage. We also use the latest environmentally-friendly biological drain openers.
  • We are the leading Los Angeles County experts in reclaiming your rain water. We can use the water we reclaim for your yard irrigation, clothes washing, and save you 1.6 gallons of water every time you flush a toilet. This saves you allot of money on your utility bills and plays a huge role in helping the environment.
  • Hot water re-circulations systems make sense in many applications. We feature Grundfos pumps and controls that an deliver hot water quickly to your points of use and will sharply reduce hot water waste.

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