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What To Consider Before Purchasing An Electric Tankless Water Heater

Under sink point of use tankless hot water heater

Unlike a gas tankless water heater, the electric models require no venting and have no combustion air requirements, however an electric tankless water heater must be hard wired and have minimum amperage requirements. The most important factor in installing an electric tankless water heater is ensuring you can meet the amperage requirements. Some of the water heaters we carry such as the Ariston and AO Smith water brands are not tankless units but rather small tanks or mini-tanks that store a supply of hot water.

If you are needing to support more than one major water application at the same time such as 2 showers or a shower and a washing machine, then you should go with a gas tankless water heater as the electric models are not strong enough to support that type of water flow.

Lastly, please review the electrical requirements for each unit. All the Powerstar units require a 240 Volts and a minimum of 50 amps. The larger units such as the AE125 require a minimum electrical service of 200 amps. Please ensure that you have adequate electrical capacity to operate these

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