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Endless Hot Water

Takagi tankless water heaters provide endless hot water plus a whole lot more. Properly sized for the job at hand, a Takagi will supply a steady flow of hot water at the designated temperature for as long as itís needed, wherever itís needed.

Up to 50% energy savings

Not only does Takagi provide you with continuous endless hot waterÖit does it in the most energy-efficient way possible. Traditional tank-type water heaters constantly burn gas in order to maintain the set water temperature in the tank, even when water is not being used. With a Takagi tankless water heater, it only heats water when you need it. So when youíre at work or on vacation and no one is at home, itís not wasting gas.

Takagi tankless heaters can pay for themselves in energy savings alone. As of January 1st, 2006, homeowners are also eligible for a $300 federal income tax credit if they install one of Takagiís highly energy-efficient water-heating units.

Space savings

Get up to 90% Space Savings vs. traditional water heaters. With no tank to steal valuable floor space, Takagiís wall-mounting design frees up your basement, garage or utility room for additional storage and versatility.

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