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Water Damage Prevention

Prevent over $5,256.00 of Home Water Damage

The number one and two areas that cause the most water damage to the home are water heater failure and the washing machine hoses rupturing or leaking. According to the Insurance Journal the average water damage claim was $5,256.00. Much of which can be prevented if you install the proper devices installed. If some of your homes plumbing issues are not fixed the question is not, "Will water damage happen" but rather "When it will happen and how much it will cost you". So please take this seriously and call to schedule an appointment today.

We keep most items in stock listed on this page but please call us in advance to check if you want a specific product installed. You'll spend more on a good dinner than some of these products cost to install but they can prevent thousands of dollars of damage if used. When one of our technicians visits your home please inquire about which products may benefit you the most.

Washing Machine Auto Shut Off

Washing Machine auto shut off systems are the absolute most secure way of ensuring that when the hoses of you water machine rupture it will automatically shut off the water supply going to your washing machine

Steel Braided Hoses

These are the second best option if you don't have a auto shut off system for you washing machine installed. They can last up to ten years without replacement.

Water Heater Auto Shut Off

Water heating rupturing is one of the top reasons for water damage in homes. If you water heater is located in upstairs or in close proximity to a bedroom it's a must to have an automatic shut off for your water heater installed in case it ruptures. This is a very low cost way to give you peace of mind.

Emergency Water Shut Off Valve

If you don't have a water shut off vale installed in your house you should consider it. When a pipe burst over 500 gallons a minute can spew out which can do thousands of dollars worth of damage. Having a shut off valve installed can save precious time in an emergency where seconds can mean the difference between hundreds or thousand of dollars of damage.

Backflow Prevention

To prevent water contamination you home most likely has a backflow valve installed. If yours should ever fail we can install a new one for you that lives up to your local county codes.

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